When you need to Outsource any of your key customer contact processes, use Pivotal Connection to find the right vendor… or to make sure your current vendor is the RIGHT one!

We represent companies that offer:

Pivotal Connection will assist you in four ways:

  1. We will help you develop the scope and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for your project. We will help you identify and precisely translate what you need and want into key performance indicators indicators that will hold the vendor to measurable, trackable and contractual standards.
  2. We will provide you a Vendor from the Pivotal Connection Network- The Pivotal Connection Network provides you with pre-qualified, pre- screened vendors that meet your outsourcing needs. We have established relationships with a wide variety of companies that will provide you the pivotal resources you need!
  3. We will find you a vendor- If you would prefer to go through a more formal selection process, Pivotal Connection will help you select the best outsource provider. Through our industry contacts, research, and the pivotal connection screening process, you are assured that the vendor you select will be the right one. We will assist you in compiling a request for proposal (RFP) defining all the critical success factors for your project.
  4. We will evaluate your current vendor- Determine the level of your vendor performance!! Pivotal Connection will assist you in evaluating your current outsource provider, measuring their processes against industry standards and contractual key performance indicators. We will also offer suggestions on improving your vendor performance within the established guidelines.

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